Secretary’s Report for Beaumaris Bowling Club 2015 Season.


I am pleased to confirm that the 2015 bowling season was far more successful than in previous years, in that we won three trophies and where runners up in two others.


Unfortunately the bowling green itself, was not this year in very good condition, due mainly to the fact that no restoration was done on it at the end of the 2014 season and the fact that a number of local children had decided to use the green as a five a side football pitch in January and February. At the time of writing this report the bowling club committee are in the process of having the green hollow tiled and new seed and top dressing applied, to hopefully bring it back to tip top condition for the start of the 2016 season next April.


Before the season commenced we lost the services of long time member Kath Bates (and her son John Bates) who moved back to her childhood roots in Chesterfield. On behalf of the club, I did send her an E mail wishing her the very best for the future and thanking her, John (and of course her late husband Eric) for the services they had given Beaumaris BC.


The start of the season also saw club member Trevor Ashenden being elected as President of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association for his second term of office.


A review of the playing season is as follows:


Super League.


The team benefited this year in that ex Llanfair PG players Geraint Booth, Dion Owen, Dylan Williams and Elfyn Jones, joined the team and in so doing made the Super League team far more competitive.


The team finished in 7th position having played 22 games, winning 10 and losing 12 games and final points total of 109 and final aggregate of + 101. Best player was Barry Harris who played 22 games, winning 14 and losing 8 games and a final aggregate of + 79.


Again at the time of writing this report, Llanfair PG are in a play off on the 22nd September 2015 and if they win the match against Coed Talon, will be playing again in the Super League in 2016. Clearly if this is the case, Beaumaris will struggle to get a team of eight to play in the Super League in 2016. My personal view is that the Super League team should continue playing and then make a decision on continuing if they fall into the playoff position at the end of the 2016 season. A final decision will of course have to be made by the members at our December 2015 AGM.


North Wales Coast Saturday League.


The A team finished the season in 7th position of Division 1. They played 22 games, winning 9 losing 9 and drawing 4 matches and a final points total of 133 and final aggregate of + 26.. The best player was Keith Bailey who played 21 games, winning 18 and losing 3 matches with a final aggregate of + 175.


I am sure the captain ( Keith Bailey ) would like me to thank Bill Roberts, Dave Mathias, David Graves and Geraint Owen from the B team who helped him out when the A team were short of players. More especially he, I and the club would like to give a huge vote of thanks to Kevin Williams, who ten times during the season, made a five hour round trip from his home in Macclesfield to ensure the A team didn’t play short.


The B team had a tremendous season finishing as runners up of Division 4, losing out by one point 142 / 141 to Old Colwyn. The team was boosted this year by the inclusion of ex A team players Brain Begley, D T Evans and Dave Mathias. They played 18 matches, winning 12 losing 5 and drawing 1, with a final points total of 141 and final aggregate of + 545. The best player was Brian Begley who played 18 matches, winning 16 and losing two matches, with a final aggregate of + 135.


Again at the time of writing this report, there are moves afoot to reintroduce teams of twelve players into the league at the AGM in January for the 2016 season. If the Notice of Motion is successful then, we as a club, will have to decide whether we have the players to regularly turn out two teams on a Saturday in 2016.


Veterans League.


The 2015 season was very disappointing, with the A team falling from last season’s top position, to finish the season in 4th position. They played 20 matches, winning 15 and losing 5 matches with a final points total of 121 and final aggregate of + 396. The best player was D T Evans who played 19 matches, winning 17 and losing 2 matches with a final aggregate of + 167. D T also finished second in the league aggregates to Emlyn Williams of Criccieth Bowling Club.


The team was clearly effected by the fact that regulars in 2014 Ken Parry and Alan Caughter, played very little during the season and that Dave Mathias only started playing in June after recovering from his hip operation in April.


The B team finished in 10th position playing 20 matches winning 3 and losing 17 matches and a final points total of 46 and final aggregate of – 682. Best player was again the ever young Robin Davies (now amazingly 87 years of age ) who played 16 matches, winning 11 and losing 5 matches and a final aggregate of + 28.


Monday Night League.


The team under the new captaincy of Kevin Fallows had a disappointing league season finishing in 5th position. They played 22 matches, winning 13 and losing 9 matches, with a final points total of 117 and final aggregate of + 84. The best player was David Graves who played 20 matches, winning 14 and losing 6 with a final aggregate of + 104.


The team did however win the Whitworth Knockout Cup, beating Caernarfon 6 2 in games and 159 / 111 on the aggregate at the Criccieth bowling club green.


Wednesday Night League.


The A team finished the season as champions by beating Caernarfon BC by one point. They played 12 matches, winning 8 and losing 4 matches with a final point’s total of 98 and final aggregates total of + 488. The best player was Stuart Thomas who played 12 matches winning 10 and losing 2 with a final aggregate of + 104.Stuart also won the Wednesday Night League aggregates title for 2015.


The title was in doubt until the very last match of the season with the Beaumaris B team having to get two points at Caernarfon to secure the title for the A team. Thankfully two wins by Jake Stanley and Keith Bailey secured the title and cup for the A team and saw A team captain Ken Thomas bringing out his wallet at the Gardd Fon Pub in Y Felinheli later in the evening to buy the team a drink.


The B team finished the season in 7th position, playing 12 matches winning 2 and losing 10 matches. They had a final point’s total of 44 and final aggregate total of – 484. Best player was Alan Parry who played 10 games, winning 8 and losing 2 with a final aggregate of + 31.


The Festival Cup saw both the A and B teams losing in the semi - finals. The A team losing to Llanfair PG at Holyhead 6/4 in games and 187 / 165 on the aggregate and the B team losing to Caernarfon at Llanfair PG  10/0  in games and 210/130 on the aggregate.


For information, a sub - committee of the Monday and Wednesday Night Leagues are meeting on the 24th September to investigate ways of improving the playing structures the two leagues. I will report on this at the December AGM.


Before I go onto other matters, may I take this opportunity of thanking all the club captains for the work they put in during the season. Also big thanks to our green keeper Ken Parry, Chairman Mike Ormond and to our Treasurer Derek Stanley for all the work they have put in behind the scenes during the season. Hopefully Derek will have second thoughts about resigning as our Treasurer at the December 2015 AGM, and will carry on for another year. Must also thank Kim  and Dave in the café for staying open during those cold wet evenings to ensure all the players had a hot drink when they came off the green.


Other matters of interest concern the fact that the Beaumaris Bowling Team did this year reach the final of the Gwynedd Knockout Cup Final. They regrettably lost in the final to Llanrwst Bowling Club, drawing the games 4 each but losing the aggregate and the match by 11 points.


Congratulations to club members Barry Harris, Keith Bailey, Geraint Booth and Dylan Williams who all represented the Welsh Senior Men’s team. Also to Dave Mathias, Derek Stanley, Pat Smithson, Brian Begley, Robin Davies, Ken Parry and Ken Thomas who represented the Gwynedd Veterans Team and to Keith Bailey, Barry Harris, Adam Harris, Andrew Stanley, Derek Stanley, Hefin Jones, Elfyn Jones, Alan Parry, Kevin Williams, Tim Williams and Stuart Thomas who all represented the Mon Menai Bowling Team in 2015.


Congratulations to Jake Stanley for being runner up in the Jack Carlis Cup competition in Holyhead.


Two in house cups were played for this year, with Stuart Thomas beating Alan Parry in the final of the Briercliffe Cup and Daniel Owen beating Sheila Graham in the Rose Bowl Cup. Also thanks to Andrew Stanley for being the chief organiser.


As Deputy President of the North Wales League for 2015 Dave Mathias had the honour of hosting the final of the May Ashenden Memorial Knockout Cup Final at the Beaumaris Bowling Green. The cup was won by Min y Don BC who beat Bethesda Bowling Club 10 games to nil and 220/192 with the handicap aggregate included.


On the 20th September Beaumaris Bowling Club retained the Walled Towns Bowling Trophy on the Beaumaris green. The pairs teams of Barry Harris and Mike Ormond, Brian Begley and Derek Stanley and Tim Williams and Ken Thomas winning 8 of their 9 matches. The event was followed by a lovely three course meal (and drinks ), all paid for by the Beaumaris Town Council at the Tredicci Italian Restaurant.


If I have missed anything out of my report, I apologise.


Can I finish therefore by wishing club members all the very best for the next six months until we meet again in April 2016 for the start of another bowling season.

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