Minutes of the Beaumaris Bowling Club Annual General Meeting held on Friday

24th November 2017 at the Bulkeley Arms Hotel commencing at 7.30pm.


Chairman Mike Ormond

Deputy Chairman Dave Edwards

Secretary Dave Mathias

Treasurer Barry Harris

Life Members. – Derek Stanley, Ken Parry and Mike Ormond.

Members. – Arfon Jones – D T Evans – Mrs Sheila Graham – Andrew Stanley –

Adam Harris – Geraint Owen – Daniel Owen – Allan Parry – Keith Bailey – Brian



1 Chairman’s Welcome.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting especially after the difficulties

that had arisen due to the flooding of the town over the last few days. He gave his

personal thanks to the Secretary, the Team Captains during the 2017 season and

to the new Green Keeper Leighton Jones for all their hard work. He confirmed

that a great deal of good work had been done on the green since March and he

felt that the players would see the benefit for the start of the 2018 season.

2 Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received and accepted from W T Roberts (President) – Trevor

Ashenden – Alan Caughter - Tim Williams – Dave Baxter – Colin Rutter – Ken

Thomas – Hefin Jones – Pat Smithson and Stuart Thomas.

3 Obituaries.

The Chair confirmed that thankfully there were no obituaries to report but he did

inform the members that Trevor Williams, the father of the late Gavin Williams

had recently passed away. As Trevor had been for many years a keen supporter of

the Beaumaris Bowling Club, he felt it only right that his name be mentioned at

this time.

4 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 18th November 2016.

The Secretary confirmed that these Minutes had for some months been displayed

on the Beaumaris Bowling Club website and as such he did not intend to read

them out.

Derek Stanley then proposed and Andrew Stanley seconded that they were a true

and correct record.

5 Matters Arising from the Minutes.

5.1 The Secretary confirmed that he had no further updates on the construction

of the new pavilion at Happy Valley but he knew that Councillor Gwen EvansJones

was still doing her very best to overcome the obstacles to get one built.

At this point the Chairman vented his personal anger and frustration that no new

pavilion was yet in place, especially after all the work he and Derek Stanley had

undertaken some years ago on behalf of the bowling club to get a new one built.

He was sure that as well as himself, many of the members were totally fed up at

the delay in getting a new pavilion built. He however also thanked Councillor

Gwen Evans-Jones for all the work she had put in thus far.

5.2. The Secretary confirmed that thanks to Mike Ormond, Leighton Jones had

been engaged as the new green keeper in March 2017. Andrew Stanley

commented that the bowling-green surface was much improved and

recommended that any club member meeting Leighton, should compliment him

on the work he has carried out thus far.

5.3 The Secretary confirmed that the donation of £600.00 requested from the

Town Council to offset the end of season work on the bowling-green by Chris

Slater had been received.

There were no other matters arising from the Minutes.

6 Honorary Secretary’s Report. The Secretary confirmed that his report had been listed on the Beaumaris Bowling

Club website and recommended those that had not read it to do so. He went on

to make a few points in relation to that report.

He wished to put on record his thanks to Mike Ormond for the work he had done

especially in liaising with the Green Keeper to order fertiliser, seed etc that he

required.. He also put on record his personal thanks to Tim Williams for the work

he had done over the season updating the Beaumaris Bowling Club website and

also to Barry Harris for his work as Treasurer.

He congratulated club members Barry Harris, Keith Bailey, John Short and Daniel

Owen on being selected for the Senior and Junior Wels Teams in 2017. He also

congratulated the other club members that had been selected to play for the

Mon Menai, Gwynedd Veterans Teams and who had qualified for the Welsh Merit

Veterans and Senior Finals Competitions.

He confirmed that in April 2017 he had applied for an Anglesey County Council

Grant to purchase two new cassettes (slitter and spiker) for the bowling-green

mower. The club had subsequently been successful in getting a grant of £1295.00

and that the cassettes had now been purchased from Major Owen Ltd. To offset

the total cost of the cassettes £1998.00, he had put in a donation request of

£700.00 from the Town Council

He confirmed that his report also included reports on how all the bowling clubs

teams had performed during the 2017 season.

He congratulated the Beaumaris A teams on winning the Wednesday Night

League and on winning the 2017 Gwynedd Cup and on reaching the Welsh Club

Championship Finals.

He confirmed that the November edition of the Beaumaris Newsletter had

printed a full report on the achievements of the Beaumaris Bowling Club in 2017.

The Chairman thanked the Secretary for his comprehensive report and felt that

the club should refund the £25.00 he had personally paid to part sponsor the

November edition of the Newsletter.

7 Honorary Treasurers Report. The Treasurer had previously passed out copies of the audited Balance of

Accounts for 2017.

This showed that the club, as of the 31st October 2017, had a bank credit balance

of £1259.67 and was down £944.00 on the 31st October 2016. This he confirmed

was due to the club buying the two new mower cassettes £1998.00, the £579.00

paid out on fertiliser and seed and the £895.00 paid to the new green keeper.

He confirmed however that on Monday the 20th November 2017 the Town Council

had agreed to donate £700.00 to the club and that at the Premier Toyota Welsh

Counties Bowling League Annual General Meeting to be held on the 28th

November 2017, the club were due to receive prizemoney of £100.00 for finishing

4th in the league in 2017.. Therefore with the additional £800.00 the club credit

balance would rise, less outstanding payments, to around £2000.00.

The Secretary confirmed that he had spoken with the Deputy Town Clerk of the

Town Council who had confirmed the payment would be made within the month.

The Deputy Town Clerk also confirmed that any future donation would be

dependent on the club raising their own funds and that the Town Council would

in the coming months wish to look again at the contract agreement the Town

Council and the Beaumaris Bowling Club had drawn up some years ago. The

Secretary confirmed that he had sent a card of thanks to the Town Council and

recommended that the club members thanked individual Councillors when they

met them.

Keith Bailey asked why the audited balance of accounts did not appear to balance.

The Treasurer confirmed that in his view it was down to how an accountant listed

Revenue against Expenditure. He Confirmed that he would send him a copy of the

balance sheet the club had drawn up which was far clearer.

As there were no further questions the Chairman thanked the Treasurer and the

Deputy Treasurer for their hard work over the season and to Lotti Sumers for

once again auditing the account free of charge.

8 Approval of the 2017 Balance Sheet.

Keith Bailey proposed and Adam Harris seconded that the accounts be accepted

and this was agreed unanimously by all present.

9 Approval of Club Subscription for 2018.

After much discussion it was agreed to keep the club fees the same for 2018.

These were as follows:

Adult and Social Members £30.00

Junior and Student Members. £15.00

Country Members £15.00

However it was also agreed that for 2018 the club would collect a £1.00 per

player match fee for all Saturday matches. The match fee would then be used to

purchase a raffle ticket for each player.

10 Reports from Team Captains 2017 Season.

As the Secretary had compiled reports as part of his Secretary Report, this was

felt by most club captains to be sufficient. As some captains were not present the

Secretary read out details on how their teams had performed.

11 Election of Officers for 2018.

Derek Stanley proposed and Arfon Jones seconded that they be elected en bloc.

This was agreed unanimously by all present. The officers for the 2018 season

were therefore as follows:

President W T Roberts

Chairman M Ormond

Deputy Chairman D Edwards

Secretary D Mathias

Treasurer B Harris.

12 Voting Mandates for AGM’s of associations and leagues 2017/2018.

The Secretary confirmed the following:

Gwynedd Veterans League.

He had recently attended their AGM and the only points of interest were that as

Craig y Don C had entered a team for the 2018 season, our B team would have to

play their away match against them on a Tuesday morning and not on a Tuesday

afternoon. He also confirmed that the rule concerning a cancelled match had

been agreed and passed which would result in a fine if a postponed match was

not replayed within fourteen days of the date of cancellation.

Premier Toyota Welsh Counties Bowling League.

The Secretary confirmed that their AGM was being held on the 28TH November

2017 at the Colwyn Bay Cricket Club and that there were no Notice of Motions


Anglesey and Bangor and District Bowling League.

The Secretary confirmed that their AGM was not being held until mid-January

2018 but that there were a number of Notice of Motions listed for discussion. The

members subsequently agreed to vote on these as follows:

1 In the Monday Night League the second doubles match would be listed as the

5th jack unless a player was playing in the first singles matches and the second

doubles match. FOR.

2 The Festival Cup Final will revert back to be a one-off game played on a neutral

green. FOR

3 The League Cup competition be played on a Wednesday Night or two

Wednesday Nights if the number of entries prevents the competition being

completed on one night. FOR

4 That the association only plays one Pairs Competition in 2018 and beyond.


5 That players playing in the Whitworth and Festival Cup Finals must have played

a minimum of 2 (two) games in the league and/or cup prior to the final being

played. FOR

6 That clubs who do not play in the Monday or Wednesday Night Leagues can

enter a team in the Whitworth Monday Night League Cup competition and the

Wednesday Night League Festival Cup competition.


North Wales Coast Saturday League

The Secretary Confirmed their AGM was not due to be held until late January

2018 and as such the club representatives would use their own judgement on

how to vote on any Notice of Motions listed.

The Club members however did agree to allow the B team only to enter the May

Ashenden Knockout Cup Competition in 2018 if it was run.

Welsh and Gwynedd Crown Green Bowling Associations.

D T Evans confirmed that the only point of interest was that in 2018 all matches

being played, both the Gwynedd Cup and the Glyn Owen Cup competitions,

would be played on neutral greens.

The members subsequently agreed that both the A and B teams be allowed to

enter teams in the 2018 Gwynedd Cup Competitions.

13 Notice of Motions from the Management.

The Secretary confirmed that there were none up for discussion.

14 Notice of Motions from the Members.

The Secretary confirmed that there were none up for discussion.

15 Notices from the Secretary.

15.1 The Secretary said how nice it was to see D T Evans attending the meeting

tonight after over the last few months coming through a period of serious illness.

D T Evans then spoke to personally thank the Secretary for support he had given

him and his wife Anne over what had been a very stressful and worrying time in

their lives.

15.2 Mention was made of a Christmas meal and social evening at the Liverpool

Arms Hotel. Mike Ormond confirmed he would confirm availability and prices and

contact interested parties in due course.

As there was no other business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and

closed the meeting at 8.40pm.










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