Minutes of the Beaumaris Bowling Club Annual General Meeting held at the Bulkeley Arms Hotel Beaumaris on Thursday 6th December 2018 commencing at 7.30pm.



Chairman                    Mike Ormond

Deputy Chairman      Dave Edwards

Secretary                    Dave Mathias

Treasurer                    Barry Harris


Life Members:  Robin Davies, Derek Stanley, Ken Parry and Mike Ormond.


Members:    Dave Jones, Peter Evison, Brian Begley, Mrs Sheila Graham, Tim Williams, Adam Harris, Keith Bailey, Geraint Owen, Daniel Owen and Ken Thomas.




1 Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks:

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and was pleased to note that it was fairly well attended by the members. He went on to comment that at a time when a great number of clubs in the area are struggling, it was pleasing that the Beaumaris Bowling Club remained strong and in general were doing well to maintain its membership and continuing to field eight teams throughout the season. He finally again congratulated Robin Davies on attaining the age of 90 on the 8th September 2018 and hoped he enjoyed the celebratory presents the members had given him.


2 Apologies for Absence:

Apologies were given and accepted from D T Evans, Martin Davidson, Kevin Fallows, Pat Smithson, Stuart Thomas, Andrew Stanley, Mrs Olga Evison and Trevor Ashenden.


3 Obituaries:

The Chairman confirmed that thankfully there were no obituaries to report since the last AGM, but did comment about the sad passing of Mike Ward from the Benllech Bowling Club.


4 Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting – 24th November 2017:

The Secretary confirmed that the Minutes of the 2017 AGM had for some months been posted on the Beaumaris Bowling Club website and as such did not intend to read them out again at the meeting.


Tim Williams proposed and Derek Stanley seconded that they were a true and correct record and as such they were duly unanimously accepted by all present.


5 Matters arising from the Minutes:

The only matter arising was given by the Secretary in that under Item 9 the Club had agreed to raise a £1.00 per player match fee for all A and B Saturday matches, with the money then going towards the match day raffle. This had not been done in 2018 and therefore reminded whoever were to be elected Saturday Captains to do this in 2019.


6 Honorary Secretary Report:

The Secretary again reported that the Secretary Report 2018 had been posted on the Beaumaris Bowling Club website for some weeks and as such did not intend to read it out again. He confirmed that it listed all the achievements of the Club and its players throughout the 2018 season.


He however did go on to give special thanks to the Green Keeper Leighton Jones for all the hard work he had carried out on the green throughout the year. He also personally thanked Tim Williams for all his help in posting and updating the Beaumaris Bowling Club website.


He gave special thanks to Keith Bailey for his captaincy of the Saturday A team. It had been a very stressful season for him by way of the fact that he had constantly struggled to field a full team on a regular basis and also had encountered a great deal of totally unfair Social Media criticism in his efforts to rearrange the last match of the season away against Craig y Don A.


Finally he mentioned the fact that the bowling -green was once again under attack from the wild rabbits in the area and the dire need for the Beaumaris Town Council to look at the feasibility of replacing the old wooden pole rustic fencing with a new rabbit proof fence. He had recently applied and received a grant of £250.00 from Dwr Cymru – Welsh Water, given expressly towards the cost of a new fence. He was currently therefore, as a matter of urgency, trying to arrange a meeting with the Beaumaris Town Council Buildings and Greens Sub Committee to discuss the matter further. There was also an added problem in that as the area was a World Heritage Site, any new fencing would require official Planning Permission from the Anglesey County Council.


As this concluded the Secretary Report, the Chairman thanked him for all the hard work he did on behalf of the Club.


7 Honorary Treasurer Report:

Copies of the Beaumaris Bowling Clubs accounts as of the 31st October 2018 had been previously handed out. These showed that the clubs current account as of that date stood at £1396.91 in credit, giving a profit on year ending 31st October 2017 of £145.00.


He went on by confirming that as of the date of the meeting, the current credit balance stood at £1534.66.


The Treasurer gave a brief breakdown of the Income and Expenditure on the year and answered any questions raised. He finally then thanked Lotti Summers for once again auditing the accounts free of charge


8 Approval of 2018 Balance of Accounts:

Brian Begley proposed and Geraint Owen seconded that the 2018 Balance of Accounts be accepted and this was then unanimously accepted by all present.


The Chairman thanked both the Treasurer and David Mathias for the work they had jointly done to keep the Clubs accounts in order.


9 Approval of Subscriptions 2019:

The Treasurer felt that as the subscriptions had now remained unchanged for some years that an increase was now appropriate.


He therefore proposed the following increases in the subscriptions for 2019:


Full Members an increase from £30.00 to £35.00

Social Members an increase from £30.00 to £35.00

Country Members an increase from £15.00 to £20.00.

Junior / Student Members – no change and to remain at £15.00


These increases in subscriptions for the 2019 season were then proposed by David Mathias, seconded by Derek Stanley and duly unanimously accepted by all present.


10 Reports from 2017 Team Captains:

The Secretary confirmed that his Secretary Report 2018 did list all the achievements of the eight teams the club fielded in 2018. The Chairman therefore welcomed any comments each captain may wish to add. Thanks and comments were then received by the following:


Super League                           Captain – Adam Harris.


Saturday A team.                    Captain – Keith Bailey


Saturday B team.                    Vice-Captain – Ken Thomas.


Monday Night League            Captain – Dave Mathias.


Wednesday Night A team      Vice-Captain – Ken Thomas


Wednesday Night B team.     Captain - Geraint Owen


Veterans A team                      Captain – Brian Begley


Veterans B team.                     Captain – Dave Edwards.


11 Election of Officers, Captains and Vice Captains 2019:

As the current Chairman. Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer confirmed that they were once again willing to stand for the positions in 2019, Derek Stanley proposed and Tim Williams seconded that they be elected en bloc. This proposal was then duly unanimously accepted by all present.


However as the current President Mr Bill Roberts was again not present and in fact had not been present at any of the Club meetings for some years, it was proposed by Geraint Owen and seconded by Ken Parry that Robin Davies be elected as the new Club President for 2019. As Robin then confirmed that he was willing to take up the position, he was unanimously accepted to be the new Club President for 2019.


The Secretary then requested that the Club breaks with past protocol and elected the captains / vice captains of both the Saturday A and B teams. He went on by saying that as 2018 had been a very difficult year for both captains in selecting full teams, he wanted to ensure that the Club could field full teams for the 2019 season. He personally hoped that the Club could continue to field two teams but if by the middle of January there were to be difficulties, he would need to inform the Coast League Secretary before their AGM on the 26th January 2019. He believed that if the Club withdrew a team that the remaining team would then be known as just Beaumaris, playing in Division 1.


As Keith Bailey no longer wished to be considered for the captaincy of the A team Barry Harris and David Mathias were proposed by Derek Stanley and seconded by Keith Bailey as Captain and Vice-Captain respectively for the A team. As there were no other nominations, they were both unanimously elected by the members present.


As Trevor Ashenden was not present at the meeting, but no doubt wished to continue as the B team captain for the 2019 season, he was proposed by Geraint Owen and seconded by Ken Thomas and duly elected unanimously by all present. It was also decided that the election of Vice-Captain was left to his discretion.


The Chairman then requested Barry Harris to list twelve (12) players who were committed to playing on a regular basis for the A team in 2019 and then to liaise with Trevor Ashenden to see if he could ensure that from the remaining club members he had enough players to field a regular full B team. If difficulties were then apparent by the middle of January then the Management and the two team captains would meet to consider the best way forward


12 Voting mandates for AGM’s of member associations for 2018/2019:


Welsh CGBA.

The Secretary confirmed that the meeting was not due to be held until early February 2019 and at present he was not aware of any Notice of Motions to be voted on. The only matter of interest was that he was, at that meeting, due to be elected as the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association President for 2019.


Gwynedd CGBA.

The Secretary confirmed that this meeting was due to be held on Saturday the 5th January 2019 and the only Notice of Motion he was currently aware of was the one to play the semi-finals of both the Gwynedd Cup and the Glynne Owen Trophy on neutral greens. It was then unanimously agreed that the Beaumaris Bowling Club voted FOR the notice of motion.


The Secretary confirmed that due to his 70th Birthday Party being on that date, he would not be able to attend the meeting. He would therefore in due course ask Trevor Ashenden whether he was attending as a Gwynedd CGBA committee member and if so to ensure that the vote of the Beaumaris Bowling Club be for the motion. He would also ask him to ensure that Beaumaris entered two teams into the Gwynedd Cup for 2019.


Super League.

The Secretary confirmed that he and Barry Harris had attended the AGM in November at the Rhos Park Cricket Club. The only points of interest were that Gresford would be replacing Coed Talon in the league for 2019 and that the Management Committee were looking to run an end of season competition for the top eight (8) players in the aggregates at the end of the 2019 season.


North Wales Coast CGBA.

The Secretary confirmed that this meeting was due to be held on Saturday 26th January 2019 and as yet he was not aware of any Notice of Motions to be voted on.


Gwynedd Veterans CGBA.

The Secretary confirmed that he, Brian Begley, D T Evans, Mike Ormond, Derek Stanley and Arfon Jones had attended the meeting at the Split Willow in Llanfairfechan in October. The only matters of interest were that D T Evans was presented with the 2018 Division 1 Singles Aggregates winner’s cup and that Arfon Jones and David Mathias were presented with the Division 1 Pairs Aggregates winner’s cup. He also informed the meeting that, subject to the approval of the Gwynedd CGBA, Colwyn Bay British Legion were to be accepted to play in Division 2 in 2019.


Anglesey and Bangor CGBA.

The Secretary confirmed that this meeting was not due to be held until the middle of January 2019. There were number of Notice of Motions to be voted on and on giving a brief summary of each the members decided that the Beaumaris Bowling Club should vote for them as follows:


1 Changes to the rule as to who could play in the Festival and Whitworth Cup Finals – FOR


2 That the association will run their Pairs Competition with both qualifying and finals being on a week night and not on a Sunday. – FOR


3  That players not turning up for the weeknight qualifying rounds of the Singles and Pairs Cups after entering the competitions, would if not giving 24 hours, notice of withdrawal, be expected to honour their entry fee(s) – FOR


4 That the entry fee for the Festival Cup and the Whitworth Cup be increased from £13.00 to £15.00 for 2019. – FOR.


5 That as of the 2019 season team captains will be responsible for all bad behaviour of their players both on and off the green and would be expected to act accordingly. - FOR


13 Notice of Motions from the Management:

The Secretary confirmed that there were no Notice of Motions to be discussed.


14 Notice of Motions from the Members:

The Secretary confirmed that there were no Notice of Motions to be discussed.


15 Any Other Business:

15.1 – The Secretary reminded the members that the Llanerchymedd Bowling Club were holding a winter doubles competition on Sunday 16th December 2018.


15.2 – The members agreed that the Club should again enter two teams into the 2019 Gwynedd Cup competition.


15.3 – The members agreed that the Club should enter one team into the 2019 May Ashenden Memorial Knockout Cup Competition if it did take place.


As there were was no other business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, wished them and their families a Happy Christmas and 2019 New Year and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.


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