Beaumaris Town Bowling Club Playing Rules.

                      Updated April 2016


1 Team Selection.


1 At the start of every playing season the A team captain, will when the Club has two teams playing in the same League, be allowed to register and select the squad of players he requires for the forthcoming season. Any players not selected for the A team squad shall then be automatically registered for the B team squad.


2 The team Captains will have the final decision as to which members shall play in a particular league match and the order of play if appropriate.


3 The team Captains of the North Wales Coast A team and the Senior Citizens A team, can if they so wish pick a player(s) from the B team squad if they are short of registered players to play in their respective A team. They would be expected to consult the B team Captains before choosing the player(s) they require. Once a B team player has played more than two matches for the A team, he/she will automatically then be registered as an A team player for the rest of the playing season.


4 The team Captains can select players registered as Country Members, as long as the said player(s) have their WCGBA registration listed under another affiliated club.


5 In the North Wales Coast League May Ashenden Memorial Knockout Cup, and the Anglesey and Bangor and District Festival, Whitworth, John Griffiths and Tony Hughes Knockout Cup Competitions, players must play only for the A or B teams they are registered with in that appropriate league.


6 In the Gwynedd Cup and Glynne Owen Cup competitions, the A and B team captains can only select players who are registered with the parent association ( the North Wales Coast League CGBA) as A or B team players. Captains can if they so wish select Country Members not playing for the Club in the North Wales Coast League to play in either of the above Cup competitions.


2 Use of the Bowling Green.


1 The Secretary will provide Fixture Lists for all Leagues to both the Beaumaris Town Council and the Patron of the Happy Valley Pavilion before the commencement of every bowling season.


2 The Team Captains must inform the Patron of the Happy Valley Pavilion if there are any changes to the printed Fixture Lists.


3 League team players will have full access to the bowling green for all their League matches and for a minimum of half an hour before play starts for practice purposes.


4 The Beaumaris Town Council will not, without a previous written request, allow League matches, Club Competitions or other Representative Matches to be played on the green on any Sunday during the months of July and August.


5 The management of the green and the surrounding ditches is the sole responsibility of the Beaumaris Town Bowling Club. The management of the wooden fencing and pathways surrounding the green will be the sole responsibility of the Beaumaris Town Council.


6 The Beaumaris Town Bowling Club will undertake monthly Risk Assessments of the bowling green and the surrounding ditches. Any Risk Assessment of the wooden fencing and surrounding pathways should be undertaken by the Beaumaris Town Council.


7 Any requests to play external representative matches from the Welsh CGBA, The Gwynedd CGBA, the Mon Menai CGBA and Secretaries of any other affiliated leagues must be directed to the Town Clerk of Beaumaris Town Council for permission to be granted.


3 Club Competitions.


1 The Secretary and/or the Competition Secretary will be responsible for the organising and running of the internal Presidents Day Club Competitions. Namely the:

The Briercliffe Cup (Club Singles Championship)

The Rodney Jones Rose Bowl (Club Pairs Competition)


2 Both competitions should be run in tandem on a Saturday or Sunday in September. The date and time to be advertised by the Secretary and/or the Competition Secretary at least 14 days before the event.


3 Country Members are allowed to enter and play in both competitions.


4 The Briercliffe Cup and the Rodney Jones Rose Bowl will be presented to the winner(s) by the President on the day of the competition. No replica trophies will be presented.


The new updated Playing Rules as listed replaces the previous Playing Rules laid down in February 1986 and will be presented for ratification and endorsement at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

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