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The Town Council in Beaumaris work very closely with the local community and always strive to encourage the younger generation to get involved. Over the past few years the town council have taken over the running of many of the amenities such as the public toilets and the leisure centre. They would like to one day gain back its independence and borough status. The core aims of the Town Council are to work in harmony with the local communities, listen to the needs of the local people and to work as one voice to create a better future for the younger generation in the town. The play area and pavilion in Beaumaris are very old and dated. The equipment is tired and only a small number of children can play at the one time. The park is split into three areas; one of these areas makes it very difficult to see children playing from the seating area by the pavilion.

The purpose of the proposal is to improve and modernise the existing play area and extend the pavilion. We want to improve the area by making it more sustainable and child friendly. We wish to improve visibility for parents whilst their children are at play and improve the site to encourage learning and mobility skills. We also want to promote a sense of health and wellbeing in the great outdoors as well as promoting social skills. We wish to encourage more people to use the facilities at the pavilion and take up the sport of crown green bowling. 

The pavilion is very old and requires upgrading. There is no room for the bowling team to grow and encourage younger members. They cannot hold many home games as the pavilion is too small to house teams. The lady who sells tea and coffee from the shop area is not able to expand her business as the pavilion is not big enough for people to sit indoors. The concrete step into the pavilion does not allow wheel chair access. The toilets are not easily accessible and require modernising. The outside of the pavilion is weathered and tired; it does not reflect the beauty of its surroundings. The inside is old and requires updating and enlarging so that parents can sit and watch their children whilst they play.

The putting green on the ground that is adjacent to the castle is dated. We hope to be able to construct a crazy golf course that will encourage children and adults to work together helping communication and concentration skills. This will also help with numeracy as score keeping is a good way of enjoying maths as well as learning it. We are hoping to construct the area out of wood, again making it environmentally pleasing. The bowling team can grow and encourage children and young adults to show an interest in outdoor bowling. This will, hopefully, encourage participation in a sport that was regarded to be an old man’s sport
Happy Valley is a vital hub of the Beaumaris community, and by modernisation and regeneration it can be utilised more efficiently to help and encourage economic and social growth by motivating more of the local people to use its facilities. The Crown Green Bowling Team could hold more matches and possibly run evening sessions to teach young children the skills of bowling. This, in time, would enable local children to participate and have more involvement in the local community and be proud of their town’s heritage.

This proposal will also have an impact on the environment as by constructing the play equipment out of wood and replacing the pavilion with a more modern building, it will make the area environmentally friendly and sustainable. The pavilion would be more cost effective and reduce its carbon footprint, with new insulation and a more sustainable structure

Thank you for your support

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