With the sun shining its been a good three weeks for most of the Beaumaris BC teams.

In the Super League the team have won two and lost one. After losing 3/7 away to Abergele, the team them beat Esclusham 7/3 ( the current Champions),at home and then Rhos Park 7/3 away. John Short is top of the league aggregates having played 8 and won 8 and plus 65 on the aggregate. Barry Harris is in 10th spot having played 8, winning 6 and plus 35 on the aggregate.

In the Coast League the A team have beaten St Asaph 8/4 away and Abergele 11/1 at home. But unfortunately lost 5/7 away at Rhos Park B on the 4th June, losing the aggregate by 6 ( a game they should have won really).

The B team had a bad 3/9 defeat away to Holyhead but bounced back on the 4th June to beat Eirias Park 10/2 at home. Ken Thomas is 10th in the aggregates having played 9 and winning 7matches with an aggregate of plus 40. Nice to see ex Junior Callum Graves making a winning quest appearance against Eirias Park on the 4th June.

In the Veterans League the A team had two good wins, 8/2 away v Llandudno B and 8/1 v Benllech at home before losing 2/7 away to Criccieth on the 31st May. D T Evans is in second place in the aggregate table having played 5 and won 5 and plus 44 on the aggregate. The team however is still waiting to play its postponed match against Penmaenmawr. Dave Mathias is in second place in the Doubles League aggregates table having played 5 winning 5and plus 44 on the aggregate.

The Veterans B team have had three wins beating Gwyngyll 7/2, Dinas 6/3 and Dwygyfylchi 8/1. Robin Davies is in 5th place in the league aggregates having aged 6 winning 5 and plus 36on the aggregate ( not bad for an 87 year old).

In the first round of the Gwynedd Cup played on Thursday 2nd June, the A team beat Holyhead 8/0 but the B team lost to Bangor 1/7. The A team now play Bangor in the second round but possibly not on the designated date the 16th June as Wales will be playing England in the Euro Soccer Finals.

Also the next round of the May Ashenden Saturday Knockout Cup competition on Friday 17th June is now uncertain. St Asaph City have conceded their match with the B team and Rhos Park B are looking to rearrange their match against the A team due to the lack of available players.

Congratulations also to Ken Thomas, Brian Begley and Dave Mathias who have been selected for the Gwynedd Veterans Team to play the Deeside Veterans Team at Llanfair PG tomorrow the 6th June commencing at 1.30pm.

In the Monday Night League the team had two wins, 7/3 away at Menai Bridge, 10/0 home to Acadami Llanfair before going down 3/7 away to the 2015 Champions Penygroes on the 3rd June. Kevin Fallows is 7th in the aggregates table playing 8 winning 6 and plus 61 on the aggregate. David Graves is in 8th place playing 6, winning 6 and plus 54 on the aggregate.

In the Whitworth Cup quarter final the team beat Penygroes 148/124 at Llanfair PG and now play Llanfair A team in the semi's later this month.

In the Wednesday Night League the team have only played one match since the last report( due to Holyhead regrettably pulling out of the league). They beat Benllech at home on the 1st June 11/1. They have four players in the top ten of the aggregates.Alan Caughter 4/4 plus 40, Ken Thomas 4/4 plus 31, Barry Harris 3/3 plus 36 and Tim Williams 3/1 plus 29.

In the Festival Cup quarter finals the A team beat Caernarfon 7/3 plus 45 at Bangor and the B team beat Bethesda at Llangefni 174/172 thanks to last match 21/15 win by new member Tony Hughes. The A team now played Benllech and the B team play Llanfair in their two legged semi finals later this month.

Congratulations to Adam Harris and Stuart Thomas who have qualified for the last 32 finals of the Welsh Senior Merit Competition to be held at the Aston BC near Queensferry on Sunday the 26th June, 10am start.

Also congratulations to all the Beaumaris players, especially Kevin Fallows getting his first cap, who have been selected to play for the home ( Benllech) and away teams against Liverpool/St Helens on Sunday 26th June, 2pm start.

Finally with the exceptionally hot weather over the last few weeks, the bowling green has been suffering from lack of water. So on Wednesday night, the 8th June the Snake Hose is being set up on the green to give it some much needed water.So any helpers would be welcome 

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