Minutes of Beaumaris Bowling Club Pre-Season Meeting held at the Bulkeley Hotel Beaumaris on Friday 9th March 2018 commencing at 7.30pm


Chairman                           M Ormond

Vice Chair                           D Edwards

Secretary                            D G Mathias

Treasurer                            B Harris

 Life Members. – Robin Davies – Derek Stanley – Ken Parry – M Ormond


Members.  Councillor D T Evans – Ken Thomas – Geraint Owen – Daniel Owen – Martin Davidson – Arfon Jones – Mrs Sheila Graham – Andrew Stanley – Brian Begley – Tim Williams -  D B Williams.


1 Chairman’s Opening Remarks.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and hoped for lovely summer weather for the coming season. He went on to congratulate D T Evans on being elected as a Beaumaris Town Councillor after the elections held on the 8th March 2018.

He then passed on the sad news that club member Ron Turtle had passed away during the last few months and as per accepted procedure the members, on his request, stood for a minute’s silence.

2 Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received and recorded for W T Roberts (President) Trevor Ashenden – Pat Smithson – Kevin Fallows – Hefin Jones – Adam Harris – Dave Baxter – Keith Bailey – Stuart Thomas – Alan Caughter.

3 Minutes of Meeting held on the 21st March 2017

As the Minutes of the aforementioned meeting had been displayed on the Beaumaris Town Bowling Club website for some months, Derek Stanley proposed and Barry Harris seconded that they were a true and correct record. This was accepted unanimously by all present.

4 Matters arising from the Minutes.

The Secretary brought up the matter of the new Happy Valley Pavilion in relation to the presentation and display of the plans that had been presented to the members at the meeting on the 21st March 2017 by Councillor Mrs Gwen Evans-Jones.

He confirmed that due to internal problems within the Beaumaris Town Council the Planning Application had been delayed until a Heritage Impact Survey had been carried out. The H.I.S had now been completed and the Town Council were now proceeding with the planning application via an outside agency


There were no other matters arising from the minutes.

5 Hon Secretary’s Report

The Secretary mentioned the following:

1 – His thanks to green keeper Leighton Jones for the work he had done on the bowling green at the end of last season and the work he had done on it over the last few weeks.

 2 - His thanks to Tim Williams for the on-going work he does regarding updating the Beaumaris Bowling Club website.

3 – He had attended the Annual General Meetings of the Welsh CGBA, Gwynedd CGBA, Gwynedd Veterans CGBA, Premier Garage Super League and the Anglesey/Bangor and District CGBA, with various other club members

4 – He, with Mrs Sheila Graham and Ken Parry had attended the funeral of Aelwyn Roberts (Bookie)

5 – He finally also personally congratulated D T Evans on his election to being a Beaumaris Town Councillor and the fact that he had now thankfully recovered from what had been a very serious illness over the winter months.

6 Hon Treasurers Report.

The Secretary confirmed on behalf of the Treasurer that the bank balance at 05/12/17 stood at £1940.24 credit. 

Since the AGM, the Club had received £150.00 from finishing 4th in the Super League and a £700.00 donation from the Beaumaris Town Council towards the total cost of the two new cassettes bought for the mower.


As there were no questions in relation to the accounts, the Chairman personally thanked the Secretary for all the continued hard work he did for the bowling club.


7 Election of Captains / Vice Captains for 2018 season.

The following were elected and where a Vice Captain was not nominated, it was agreed that the Captain nominates one at the start of the season.


Super League                          Captain – Adam Harris    Vice Captain – Stuart Thomas


North Wales Coast A team   Captain – Keith Bailey      Vice Captain – left open


North Wales Coast B team   Captain – Trevor Ashenden.  Vice Captain – left open


Wednesday Night A team     Captain – Hefin Jones.     Vice Captain – Ken Thomas -


Wednesday Night B team.  Captain – Geraint Owen. Vice Captain – Dave Edwards


Monday Night team              Captain – Dave Mathias. Vice Captain – Derek Stanley


Veterans A team            Captain Brian Begley.         Vice Captain – left open


Veterans B team            Captain – Dave Edwards   Vice Captain –Trevor Ashenden



8 Reports from AGM’s of affiliated Associations and Leagues 2017/2018.


Welsh CGBA


D T Evans confirmed that the Chief Executive Matt Foster had now resigned his post and that the position had been advertised.

He confirmed that the President of the British CGBA, Mr Keith Andrews had attended the meeting.

 He congratulated David Mathias on being elected to the position of Deputy President of the Welsh CGBA for 2018.

Gwynedd CGBA

D T Evans confirmed that the only item of interest was that it had been decided to continue playing the Gwynedd Cup and Glynne Owen Trophy competitions on a 4 home 4 away basis and that the competitions would not as previously agreed be played on neutral greens.


He also confirmed that the draw for the 2018 Gwynedd Knockout Cup had not yet been made


Super League


Barry Harris confirmed that the only matters of interest was that Colwyn Bay British Legion would be replacing St Asaph in the league in 2018 and that the association had agreed to present prize money to the best under 25 player.

North Wales Coast League

The Secretary confirmed that the only matter of interest was that Trefnant had dropped out of the league and that Craig y Don B and Bryn Newydd had entered teams for the 2018 season. This would not affect the B team who would be playing in Division 3.

Anglesey/Bangor and District League

The Secretary confirmed various rule changes that had been passed at the January 2018 AGM.


After some discussion it was agreed that the Beaumaris B team, playing in the Wednesday Night League should not enter a team in the Monday Night Whitworth Cup competition.

The draws for the Whitworth and Festival Cup competitions were due to be made at a meeting on the 13th March 2018.

As the Secretary would be away on holiday Tim Williams confirmed that he would ensure that the three representatives from Beaumaris Bowling Club would attend the Presidents Day Competition at Benllech BC in April.


Gwynedd Veterans League


Mike Ormond confirmed that Craig y Don had now entered a C team which would mean that the Beaumaris B team would have to play their way match against them on a Tuesday morning and not in the afternoon.


He confirmed that the rules concerning postponements had been sharpened up and that any future postponed match would have to be played within 14 days of cancellation otherwise the club would incur a £20.00 fine.


9 Distribution of Fixtures

The Secretary confirmed that there were a small amount of fixtures on display for the members.


10 Any Other Business.

The Treasurer confirmed that Arfon Jones, Martin Davidson and Dave Edwards had paid their £30.00 subscriptions for the 2018 season and receipts had been issued to them.


D T Evans confirmed changes to how the British Junior competition was to be run in 2018. Wales had been placed in the Premier Division.


As there was no other business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.10pm.

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