Minutes of Beaumaris Bowling Club Pre-Season Meeting held at the
Bulkeley Arms Hotel on Friday 15 th March 2019 commencing at


President Robin Davies
Chairman Mike Ormond
Deputy Chairman Dave Edwards
Secretary Dave Mathias
Treasurer Barry Harris
Life Members – Robin Davies – Derek Stanley – Mike Ormond
Members. – Arfon Jones – Peter Evison – Mrs Sheila Graham –
Geraint Owen – Martin Davidson – D T Evans – Adam Harris – Brian
Begley – Trevor Ashenden – Tim Williams – Ken Thomas.


1 Welcome by Chair.
Mike Ormond welcomed everyone to the meeting and was pleased
to see so many members present. On behalf of the Club he
congratulated the Secretary David Mathias on being elected as the
Welsh CGBA President for 2019. He stressed how adamant he was
personally in trying to maintain two teams in the North Wales Coast
League for the coming season, but to do so required on occasions,
players from the B team squad playing for the A team when they
were short of available players.

He also made mention of Ken Parry, saying that at the moment he
wasn’t very well at all and encouraged members to ring him or even
call on him for a chat

2 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received and recorded from:
Alan Caughter – Allen Parry – Keith Bailey – Ken Parry and W T
Roberts ( Life Members) – Daniel Owen – Andrew Stanley - Kevin
Fallows – D P Williams – Stuart Thomas – Mrs Olga Evison and new
member Finlay Prytherch.

3 Minutes of Meeting held on the 9 th March 2018
As the Secretary confirmed that the aforementioned Minutes had
been displayed on the Beaumaris Bowling Club website for some
months and as such he did not intend to read them out. Therefore
Brian Begley proposed and Derek Stanley seconded that they were a
true and correct record. This was agreed unanimously by all present.

4 Matters Arising from the Minutes
There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

5 Honorary Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary confirmed that he had met with the Beaumaris Town
Council Buildings and Greens Sub Committee on Tuesday 12 th March
2019. It had been an amicable meeting and felt that he’d received a
fair response to all the matters discussed. These included:
The New Pavilion at Happy Valley – The Mayor Councillor Jason
Zalot confirmed that the proposed building of the new pavilion had
now taken secondary importance since the Town Council had now
agreed to take over the running and maintenance of the Town Goal
and Court House. He and Councillor Alwyn Rowlands did however
feel that once the new lease for Happy Valley had been negotiated
and signed with the Bulkeley Estate and the Town Council had taken
over the running of the car park from Ynys Mon CC, the building of
the new pavilion could be looked at again, especially as grant aid
could then be applied for.

The Rabbit Proof Fencing and Steps Handrails – He had thanked the
Town Council for providing the above and particularly wished to
thank Gwyn and Wyn, the Council workers, for carrying out the work.
However he had stressed the need for a ramp like disabled access
from the car park and also the need to make an application to the
Anglesey CC Planning Department for a more permanent rabbit
proof fence to be erected in later years. Councillor Zalot stated that
he would ask the officer responsible for Risk Assessment to look
again at the possible installation of a new ramp access.
Risk Assessment – He had asked for guidance on what responsibility
the Bowling Club had in relation to the Happy Valley area. Again
Councillor Zalot stated that he would get the officer to liaise with the
Bowling Club on the matter over the coming weeks.
Machinery Insurance Cover – He had discussed possibility of the
Town Council sharing the cost of insurance cover for the mower and
cassettes stored at the Happy Valley Pavilion, which in essence was
their building. After some discussion Councillor Zalot suggested that
the Club itemised the cost of the most expensive items stored at the
pavilion and pass the list onto the Town Clerk to see if they could be
added to the Town Councils own Contents Insurance Policy.
Finally he had confirmed that the Bowling Club had received a
£250.00 Community Grant from Welsh Water which was to be used
for the cost of putting up a new Rabbit Proof Fence. The Club had
initially thought of giving a donation to the Council towards the cost
of the recently erected fencing. However it had now been suggested
that if the Town Council were prepared to ask Gwyn and Wyn to
erect new ditch boarding around the bowling-green, the Club would
then use the Grant money to pay for the materials required. The
Town Clerk later confirmed that this matter would be discussed at
the Town Council meeting to be held on Monday 18 th March 2019.

The Secretary confirmed that the six club jacks had recently been
tested at a cost of £42.00 and would not now need to be re-tested
until 2025.
The Secretary confirmed that he had recently met with past member
Mrs Cath Morris and her daughter. Cath had now donated her old
woods and those of her late husband, Terry Morris, to the Club. He
felt that Cath’s 2/8 woods should be initially lent to Daniel Owen and
if he felt that they were suitable for him, to then give them to him on
a permanent basis. It was then suggested that Terry’s woods should
be sold or raffled between the members with any money received
going to the Club.
He confirmed that he and other Club Members had over the past
months attended the funerals of Mike Ward (Benllech) – Dick
Thomas (Bethesda) and past Club Member - Reverend Cyril Haynes.
He confirmed that the Green Keeper, Leighton Jones had, weather
permitting, given assurances that the bowling-green would be
playable for the first match of the season on Saturday 6 th April – B
team v Bala and the Town Council had agreed not to allow the public
on it until Sunday 7 th April 2019.
He confirmed that the Happy Valley Car Park would be unavailable to
members and visiting teams until July/August 2019. He therefore
advised all members to purchase a season ticket from the Town
Council to park on the green
He and other members had attended the AGM’s of the Welsh
(Prestatyn), - Coast League (Llandudno Junction) -Super League (Rhos
on Sea) – Gwynedd Veterans (Llanfairfechan) – Anglesey and Bangor
and District (Bethesda). In his absence Mike Ormond and Derek
Stanley had attended the Gwynedd AGM at Bethesda.

He finally thanked all the Club Members who had attended his 70 th
Birthday Party celebrations at the Bulkeley Arms Hotel on Saturday
5 th January 2019 and for the cards and generous presents they had
given him.
As that was the end of the Honorary Secretary’s Report, the
Chairman once again thanked him for all the hard work he did on
behalf of the Club.

6 Honorary Treasurers Report

The Treasurer confirmed at as of the 5 th march 2019 Current Account
balance stood at £1320.23 in credit.
He stressed that all Club Fees (Full and Social Members £35.00 and
Junior/Student/Country Members £20.00), should be paid by the 30 th
April 2019.

At the end of the meeting the following members paid their £35.00
to the Treasurer.
Mrs Sheila Graham – Barry Harris – Adam Harris – Ken Thomas –
Brian Begley – Martin Davidson – Arfon Jones and Tim Williams

7 Election of Captains / Vice Captains 2019 Season.
The Chairman confirmed that Barry Harris (A team) and Trevor
Ashenden (B team) had been elected at the AGM in 2018.
The following were then elected as Captains and Vice Captains:
Super League Adam Harris and Stuart Thomas
Monday Night League David Mathias and Derek Stanley
Wednesday Night League A Barry Harris and David Mathias
Wednesday Night League B Geraint Owen and Daniel Owen
Veterans League A Brian Begley and Ken Thomas

Veterans League B Dave Edwards and Geraint Owen

8 Reports from AGM’s of Associations and Leagues 2018/2019
Welsh CGBA.
The Secretary confirmed that the only matters of interest were that
he had been elected as the 2019 President of the Welsh CGBA and
that Simon Walker (Flintshire) had been elected as the Deputy
President. He thanked the Gwynedd CGBA for nominating him and
also thanked D T Evans for being his proposer. He also confirmed
that Matty Worden (2018 British Junior Champion) and Sara Nicholas
(2018 British Ladies Champion), had been listed on the Welsh CGBA
Roll of Honour Board.
Gwynedd CGBA
The Secretary confirmed that he was now the new Gwynedd
Secretary and that D T Evans was the new Chairman of the
association. He confirmed that the Association had ratified the
request of the Colwyn Bay British Legion Club to join the Gwynedd
North Wales Coast CGBA
The Secretary confirmed that the season would start on the 6 th April
Beaumaris B- Home to Bala
Beaumaris A – Away to Colwyn Bay British Legion.
However as the British Legion Green was likely to be unfit to play the
match, the members agreed that the fixture should not be reversed
but be played within the following two week period
He also confirmed that the May Ashenden Knockout Cup was likely
to again not be played for, but if it was Beaumaris BC would enter
one team.

Gwynedd Veterans CGBA.
The Secretary confirmed that as Caernarfon BC had withdrawn from
the league, Beaumaris B would not be relegated but remain in
Division 1 for the 2019 season.
He confirmed that the Colwyn Bay British Legion BC had entered the
league and would play in Division 2 in 2019.
Premier Garage Super League CGBA
The Secretary confirmed that Llanfair had withdrawn from the
league and as the Management Committee had failed to get a
replacement, the league would comprise of only 11 teams in the
2019 season.
Anglesey and Bangor and District CGBA
The Secretary confirmed that the only point of interest was that the
Pairs Cup Competition would, like the Singles Competition in 2018,
be held over two separate Wednesday nights. The draws for the
Festival and Whitworth Cups would take place on Thursday 21 st
March 2019.

9 Fixtures 2019 season
The Secretary had left out limited copies of the fixtures for all
leagues but confirmed that they were on the North Wales Website
and also would be displayed on the walls in the club house.

10 Any Other Business.
As there was no other business to discuss, the Chairman thanked
everyone for attending, wished them all a good bowling season and
closed the meeting 8.25pm.

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