Beaumaris Town Bowling Club

(The Former Lottery Syndicate)

Holding Premium Bonds to the value of £200 (Two Hundred Pounds)

Syndicate Members Names:

1.       A. Owens

2.       K. Parry

3.       G. Healey

4.       D. Mathias

5.       B. Harris

6.       D. P. Williams

7.       D. Graves

8.       A. Caughter

9.       M. Ormond

10.   A. Stanley

11.   T. Ashenden

12.   R. Davies

13.   A. Harris

14.   B. Begley

15.   A. V. Pullin


Today 22nd Feb 2012: I received a cheque for £25 (Twenty Five Pounds) which we won in this month’s draw, could this be the start of something big I wonder!!

I returned the cheque today for reinvestment so the Premium Bond Kitty now stands at £225 (Two Hundred and Twenty Five Pounds).


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