Secretary’s Report AGM Beaumaris Bowling Club 27/11/14


Personally the 2014 bowling season was a very difficult one for me in that my impending hip replacement operation restricted the amount of games that I could play.


However I would firstly like to thank Mike and Derek for not only their hard work as Chairman and Treasurer of the club but also for time they put in relation to the meetings with the Beaumaris Town Council which I shall elaborate further under item 12 of the Agenda.


May also take the opportunity to thank all the team captains for in the most part getting out full teams and fulfilling their fixtures during the season. Success wish it was a very disappointing season with only the Veterans A team winning their league. It is the first time that I can remember when the club has not won any of the Monday or Wednesday Night leagues or Cups. To make matters worse it has to be assumed that the Whitworth Cup which the Monday Night team won in 2013 has been lost. Again we shall discuss this further under item 14 of the Agenda.


My thanks also go out to our green keeper Ken Parry for the work he carried out on the green and the surrounds during the season. As we all know the new mower only arrived at the green shortly before the season started which resulted in the playing surface not being in good condition when the season started. But with Ken’s hard work the green steadily improved and by mid season it was again in excellent condition.


May I also make special mention of not only the players who provided raffle prizes for the Saturday team home matches but also to Beryl Harris who made herself available at every home match ( rain or shine ) to sell raffle tickets. I believe she helped to swell the club funds by over £ 300 over the season. It was disappointing to note however that the Saturday B team did not have the same commitment to the club and did not follow the A teams lead.


Congratulations also to Keith Bailey, Callum Graves and Kath Bates for representing their respective Welsh teams. Also to the numerous players who represented the Mon Menai teams in their four matches.


On a sad note I cannot leave my report without mentioning the passing of Eric Bates who along with Kath and John had been a member of our club for some years. It was pleasing to see so many of the club members to pay their last respects at his funeral. I am sure that you all will agree with me that Eric will be sorely missed.


Another disappointing aspect of the season was the fact that the Saturday A team had extreme difficulties in raising a full team, in that when the A team was short of a player the B team captain refused to nominate a player from the B team to play for the A team. The only way in fact the A team were able to put out a full team was with the help of Kevin Williams who regularly made the five hour round trip from Macclesfield to help the team out. So special thanks to Kevin for the commitment he made to the club and the team. On this point may I quote from the Minutes of the of the pre season meeting held on the 31/03/05 under Any Other Business and I quote “ Trevor Ashenden said that the A team could borrow any player that was wanted and the player would not lose a place in the following weeks B team “


Finally I must sum up by saying that it has been a disappointing season not only on the green but more especially of it. The club is at a crossroads and it is time that this two teams within a club mentality ended and we again joined together to bring the club back to being one of the premier clubs in Gwynedd and North Wales.

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