Beaumaris Bowling Club – Secretary Report 2017 Season.

I am pleased to confirm that the 2017 bowling season was another successful one for the club. The highlight of which was the Beaumaris A team, led by Adam Harris, winning the Gwynedd Knockout Cup at Llanrwst on the 11th August.

At the start of the season, it was disappointing to note that the bowling green renovation work carried out by Chris Slater in September 2016 had not greatly improved the condition of the playing surface. However Mike Ormond, did in late March 2017, manage to engage the services of a new Green Keeper, namely Leyton Jones who had worked for a number of years under Dave Proctor, the then Green Keeper at the Benllech Golf Course. As Secretary of the club, I must personally thank Leyton for all the hard work he did over the season in trying to improve the playing surface. But as he has said, the work on the green is a job in progress and hopefully, the end of season work he intended to do on the green at the end of September, will make it an even better surface to play on at the start of the 2018 season.

May I also at this point personally thank Mike Ormond who liaised with Leyton and at various times throughout the season and ordered the seed, fertiliser and wetting agent he requested.

The reports on the team performances are as follow:


Premier Toyota Welsh Counties League.

The team led by Adam Harris had a very good season. They initially finished in 5TH place but after Broughton were deducted two points for fielding seven players in their last match at Llanfair PG, they were moved up to 4th place on 114 points.


The team played 22 matches – winning 12 – losing 10 with a plus 122 aggregate. The team increased their total points tally from the 2016 season by 2 to 116 and the average points per match went up from 5.1 to 5.2.


The best player was Adam Harris, who not only headed the Beaumaris Team Aggregates Table, but also finished in 4th place in the Welsh Counties League Aggregates Table having played 22 matches – winning 17 – losing 5 and a final aggregate of plus 83.


So congratulations to the team and to Adam.

North Wales Coast League.

Beaumaris A – Division A.

The team led by Keith Bailey had a very good season and finished in 3rd place with 165 points. But this does not tell the true picture, as they tied in points with second place Rhos Park A and only missed out on second place on aggregate ( 540/474)

The team played 22 matches – won 15 – lost 7 and as stated a final aggregate of plus 474. The team increased their total points tally from the 2016 season by 15 to 165 and the average points per match went up from 6.8 to 7.5.

The best player for the club was Stuart Thomas who played 22 matches – won 18 – lost 4 and had a final aggregate of plus 127. Stuart also finished in 5th position in the final North Wales Coast League Division 1 Aggregates Table. Barry Harris also finished up in the Top 10, in 6th position


Congratulations to Keith, Stuart, Barry and the team on another great year in Division 1.


Beaumaris B – Division B

After promotion from Division 3 in 2016, the team led again by Trevor Ashenden were looking ahead to a good season especially as the nucleus of the team had a number of good and experienced bowlers.


Sadly however they suffered a very disappointing season and finished in last position on 92 points.


The team having played 22 matches – winning 5 – losing 15 – drawing 2 and a final aggregate of minus 445.


Best team player was Alan Caughter who finished in 16th position in the North Wales League Division 2 Aggregates Table having played 19 matches – winning 15 – losing 4 and a final aggregate of plus 108.


So congratulations to Alan and hopefully the team can rally next year and press again for promotion back to Division 2.


Sadly even though Beaumaris B had entered a team into the North Wales Coast May Ashenden Knockout Cup competition, the league committee decided to cancel the event as the minimum of 16 teams had not entered. Disappointing especially as the B team had lost in the final to the Colwyn Bay British Legion in 2016.


Anglesey and Bangor and District Wednesday Night League.

Beaumaris A.

I am pleased to confirm that the A team led by Ken Thomas won the league with 87 points, having played 12 matches – winning 10 and losing 2. They had a final aggregate of plus 387 points.


Best player was Tim Williams who played 12 matches – won 10 – lost 2 and had a final aggregate of plus 89. Tim also finished in first place in the Wednesday Night League Aggregates Table. Also in the Top 10 were Ken Parry in 3rd place and Hefin Jones in 5th place.

So congratulations to the team and especially to Thommo, Tim, Ken and Hefin on a great season.


Beaumaris B.

The B team led by Geraint Owen finished in 6th position on 48 points. They played 12 matches – won 2 – lost 10 and had a final aggregate of minus 20 points.

Best player was Allen Parry who played 10 matches – won 8 and lost 2. He had a final aggregate of plus 75 points. In the Top 10, Allen finished in 6th position with fellow team mate Kevin Fallows finishing in 7th position.


Wednesday Night Festival Cup – John Griffiths Shield Competitions.

In the Festival Cup the A team won their quarter final match against Caernarfon at Bangor 156/120 on the combined aggregate. However the B team failed to turn up at Benllech for their quarter final match against Holyhead and as a result, not only had to concede the match, but were not then allowed to enter the John Griffiths Shield competition. The club were also fined £10.00 by the league.


In the semi-final of the Festival Cup the A team lost to Llanfair at Caernarfon 152/112 on the combined aggregate.


It was again disappointing that after the number of players per team was reduced from 10 to 8, only seven clubs participated in the Wednesday Night League in 2017. With Caernarfon BC rumoured to be pulling out of the league in 2018 and a number of Beaumaris regulars debating whether to play for Llanfairfechan in the Llandudno and District Wednesday Night League, there is a possibility of the club only being able to field one team in the Wednesday Night League next year. If this is the case, then sadly 2018 could see the demise of Wednesday Night League or as it has been known in my time in bowls as“The Bangor and District League”


Anglesey and Bangor and District Monday Night League.

The team led by myself had a very good season and finished second in the table on 122 points to a very strong Llangefni team. The team played 18 matches – won 13 – lost 3 – drew 2 and had a final aggregate of plus 564 points.


Best player in the Singles Aggregates Table was Kevin Fallows who played 18 matches – won 17 – lost 1 and had a final aggregate of plus 146 points.


In the Monday Night Leagues Singles Aggregates Top 10 Table, Kevin finished in 1st place, Derek Stanley in 2nd place and Robin Davies in 5th place.


In the Monday Night League Pairs Aggregates Top 10 Table, Bobby Williams finished in 2nd position and myself in 3rd position.


So congratulations to the team on a very good season, building on from our mid table position in 2016.


Monday Night League Whitworth Cup – Tony Hughes Cup Competitions.

In the quarter final of the Whitworth Cup the team beat Holyhead at Llanfair 186/95 on the combined aggregate. But in the semi-final at Bangor, the team lost a very close match to Caernarfon 146/140 on the combined aggregate.


The Gwynedd Senior Citizens Bowling League.

Beaumaris A.

The team, once again led by Brian Begley, had a fantastic season. The first division title between Beaumaris A and Llandudno A,  went down to the last match of the season, but sadly the team fell at the last hurdle finishing in second place, with Llandudno A winning the league by six points 138/132.


The team played 20 matches – won 17 – lost 3 and had a final aggregate of plus 739.


Best player in the singles Aggregates Table was again D T Evans who played 20 matches – won 18 – lost 2 and had a final aggregate of plus 173 points.


Sadly D T failed in his attempt to retain the Gwynedd Senior Citizens Singles Aggregates Title after losing out to Mike Chamberlain of Llandudno A who had also played 20 matches and won 18,but had a superior aggregate over D T 212/173.


So well played to the team and D T and also to Alan Caughter who in the aggregates Top 10 finished in 7th position.


In the Gwynedd Senior Citizens Pairs Aggregates, I am very pleased to confirm that my partner Arfon Jones finished in top spot, having played 20 matches – winning 16 – losing 4 and a final aggregate of plus 137. I myself finished 3rd in the Top 10 table. So well played Arfon.


So well played to Llandudno A on winning the title for the second year running and good luck to them in the Welsh Team Seniors final. But in saying what I have, it is annoying to think that a crucial away game for Llandudno A at Conwy, scheduled to be played on Tuesday the 25th July, was not then played until Monday the 18th September, thus giving them an unfair advantage in the run in for the title.


Beaumaris B.

The team, led by Dave Edwards, had a difficult and disappointing season. They finished on 55 points and second bottom in the league which means they are relegated to Division 2 in 2018.


They played 20 matches – won 4 – lost 16 and had a final aggregate of minus 496. Best player was Geraint Owen who finished in 39th position in the League Aggregates Table having played 14 =- won 8 – lost 6 and a final aggregate of plus 8.


In the Gwynedd Senior Citizens Pairs Aggregates Mike Ormond finished in 12th spot having played 7 – winning 5 and a final aggregate of plus 12.


Gwynedd Cup – Glynne Owen Trophy Competitions 2017.

Beaumaris A

In the first round the A team beat Criccieth.

Home 4/0 plus 61 and Away 4/0 plus 29


In the quarter finals the A team beat Caernarfon

Home. 2/2 minus 1 and Away 3/1 plus 26


In the semi-final the A team beat Bethesda

Home. 4/0 plus 28 and Away 2/2 plus 2


Final. Originally scheduled to be played against Craig y Don at Blaenau on Thursday 27th July, but due to a flooded green it was re-arranged for Friday 11th August at the Llanrwst Bowling Club.


After a great night the team were crowned the 2017 Gwynedd Cup Champions after winning matches 5/3 and aggregate 149/124.

Team and scores;

Barry Harris 21/15 – Allen Parry 21/10 – Stuart Thomas 21/10 – Keith Bailey 21/18 – Adam Harris 21/8 – Andrew Stanley 17/21 – Hefin Jones 19/21 – Derek Stanley 8/21.


Although he lost his match to ex Welsh Champion Gareth Williams, Derek Stanley, at 82, became the oldest player to have played in the final of the competition.


Beaumaris B

In the first round the B team lost to Caernarfon.

Home. 3/1 plus 17 and Away 0/4 minus 35


Glynne Owen semi-final B team lost to Criccieth

Home. 2/2 minus 2 Away 1/3 minus 21.


Welsh Club Championship 17th September 2017.

After winning the Gwynedd Cup, Beaumaris A qualified to play in the above competition at Bethesda Bowling Club. The sdemi-final draw being:


Beaumaris v Cuncliffe

Abergele v Broughton


The team lost the games 3/5 and the aggregate 140/144 – minus 4 points


Team and scores:

Ken Parry 13/21 – Hefin Jones 19/21 – Allen Parry 14/21 – Keith Bailey 19/21 – Stuart Thomas 12/21 – Barry Harris 21/6 – Adam Harris 21/16 – Derek Stanley 21/17.


In the final Broughton beat Cuncliffe 6/2 in games and 153/147 (16 points) on the aggregate.


Other matters of interest over the 2017 season.

Congratulations to Barry Harris, Keith Bailey who were selected for the Welsh Senior Team


Congratulations to Daniel Owen who was selected for the Welsh Junior Team


Congratulations to Barry Harris, Keith Bailey, Andrew Stanley, Adam Harris, Derek Stanley, Stuart Thomas, John Glyn Davies, Allen Parry, Kevin Fallows, Dave Mathias, Ken Parry, Arfon Jones, Alan Caughter, Tim Williams and Hefin Jones who were all picked for Mon Menai during the season.


Congratulations to Derek Stanley, Ken Thomas, Robin Davies, Dave Mathias, Brian Begley, Ken Parry and Mike Ormond who were all picked for the Gwynedd County Veterans team during the season.


Congratulations to Adam Harris who once again qualified for the last 32 of the Gwyn Morris Welsh Senior Merit Finals at Trefnant BC on the 25 June 2017, but sadly lost 21/15 in the first round to his good friend Geraint Booth from the Llnafair PG Bowling Club.


Congratulations to Derek Stanley who reached the final of the Anglesey and Bangor and District Presidents Day final at the Benllech BC on the 3rd September but lost to David Jones of Holyhead BC.


Congratulations to Arfon Jones, Alan Caughter and Dave Mathias who reached the Finals of the Welsh Veterans Merit Competition held at the Argoed BC in Flintshire on the 7th June 2017.


Congratulations to Beaumaris BC who on Sunday, 24th September won the Walled Towns Bowling Competition at the Vardre BC.


My Thanks.

Thanks to Tim Williams, who over the last twelve months, has again diligently and professionally regularly updated the Beaumaris Bowling Club website. The number of page views over the last 6 months was 3206 and the visitors to the site was 1509.

Thanks to Kim and Dave in the Happy Valley pavilion café, who have again supported the team, by staying open till 8pm to ensure the home and away teams received after match refreshments’.

Thanks to Councillor Gwen Evans – Jones who is still valiantly trying to break down the obstacles to get a new pavilion built at Happy Valley.

Thanks to everyone who have read and enjoyed my “blogs” on the North Wales Bowling Website Forum.

Finally may say how pleasing it was to see two of our longest serving members ( Mike Ormond and Ken Parry), recovering from the illnesses they suffered over last winter and getting back on the bowling green to once again enjoy the sport they both love so much. My thoughts are also with D T (and his wife Anne), who over the coming winter months will be as one as “Immaculate” begins his private battle against ill health.


Apologies if I have not mentioned someone or something I should have mentioned.


Dave Mathias – Secretary Beaumaris Bowling Club.  25th September 2017




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