Secretary’s Report 2015 Pre Season Meeting of Beaumaris BC.


Firstly may I personally thank Tim Williams for the work he has been doing over the winter months updating the Beaumaris Bowling Club web site. We took it upon ourselves to write a small tribute on the web site to Kath and John Bates for the contribution they both made (and of course Eric) to the Beaumaris Bowling Club. For those that didn’t know Kath has now moved back to live in Chesterfield to be nearer family and friends.


Also as Andy Owens had some years ago listed advertisements on our Local Business web page, we took it upon ourselves to write to six of those businesses to see if they were willing to make a small donation to the club. As of writing my report, I am unsure if we have had any responses to those letters. Perhaps our Treasurer can elaborate on this in his report.


Later in the meeting we shall be reporting on matters arising from the AGM’s of the various leagues that committee members attended over the winter months. However I feel that I must myself highlight the events that took place at the North Wales Coast AGM. There was a notice of motion listed to reduce the coast league teams from 12 to 10 players, and as we had no mandate from yourselves on how to vote on the matter, it was decided after discussions with other committee members and Trevor on behalf of the B team, that both the A and B team representatives should vote for the motion. This decision was based on the fact that Kath and John would no longer be available for selection by the B team, and whether I and Derek would also be able to commit to playing for the whole season due to our separate mobility problems. Also some players that had played in 2014 stated that they did not wish to play at all in 2015. As such the vote was passed by 23 votes to 20 with two abstentions. So I confident that the club can now maintain two teams on a Saturday for 2015 and beyond. Holyhead, Benlech, and Caernarfon also voted for the change with Penygroes, Bethesda and Llanfair voting against the change. Bangor abstained.


For information may I inform the members that the Mon Menai CGBA will be playing their opening match of the 2015 season against the UK Police team at Happy Valley on Sunday 19th April and as such your support would be greatly appreciated.


Finally may I wish everyone a good 2015 bowling season and that the members give their full support to the team captains who will be elected later in the meeting.


David Mathias   Club Secretary

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